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Laziness is the cause of our stress, bad mood and our own frustration. Lazy people have jobs, the house is dirty, and they prefer to cook dumplings or order pizza for dinner. As a result, such employees do not expect a promotion at work, they do not want to return home, because it is boring and uncomfortable there. How to get rid of laziness and become more productive in order to put your affairs in order? The most important thing is to want to make changes in your life. Well, we will show you where you can start!

Make your own schedule

A clear schedule that is timed allows you to get things done more productively. Unlike to-do lists, a schedule prescribes a specific time to complete a task. In this format, it will be difficult for you to postpone tasks until later or the next day.

Set aside a certain number of hours to work

If your work day starts at 9:00 and ends at 5:00 pm, then you should have time to complete your scheduled tasks by 5:00 pm. No delays or overtime, at 17:20 you should already leave the office. It is important to clearly understand how many tasks you can complete in a working day.

Plan your next working day at the office

You have completed everything that you planned for today and you have an extra 30-20 minutes left, do not rush to spend them chatting with colleagues. Spend these minutes usefully, make a work plan for the next day. This will help you start the next day more productively. You will already know in advance what awaits you.

What is the best way to start your working day?

Many time management books advise you to start your morning with difficult tasks, but we don t all agree with this approach. To wake up, sway and start working in a good mood. It is better to do 1-2 simple and pleasant things at the beginning of the working day. For example, put your desktop in order (wipe the dust on it, disassemble documents, remove everything unnecessary from it). Or you can check your work email, so you gradually get into work. And after that, you can take on difficult tasks.

Don t succumb to panic urgency

At every job, there are employees who start to stir everyone up because of some kind of urgency. If such a colleague has come to you, then ask him a few clarifying questions to clarify the situation and understand how urgent the task is. After all, anything can happen, a few minutes ago the task was urgent, you began to carry it out and as a result it turned out that it was no longer relevant. Wasted time will not be returned to you, and no one will do your work.

Don t take on multiple tasks at the same time

Yes, at first glance, it will seem interesting and professional to do several things at once. But everywhere there is a “but”. The more tasks you have, the lower the level of productivity, several tasks at the same time become slower and less efficient. Often you have to redo them as a result. Therefore, it is better to perform one task at a time, but quickly and efficiently.

Stop being distracted by external factors

Sit down to work, turn off all social networks, only work tabs should be open on your desktop. Only answer work calls, try not to participate in discussions with colleagues if it is small talk.

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