What happens to a woman after giving birth to a child?

The body of a woman during gestation and childbirth is subjected to enormous stress and a full recovery can take place within several months.

The musculoskeletal system, increased belly fat, the healing process of the uterus and vagina can all cause stress. The influence of childbirth on the psychological state of a woman is our topic today.

What changes can cause stress?

1. Belly. One of the most painful topics for new mothers. Subcutaneous fat accumulates during pregnancy due to hormonal changes to protect the fetus.

Recovery can take more than a year, however, against the background of this, complexes can develop. Sagging breasts and a change in the size and color of the nipples can lead to this, which is completely normal for mothers.

2. Intimate life. After childbirth, the uterus and vagina take time to recover, about ten days are needed for the complete healing of microcracks.

During this period, intimacy is obviously impossible, but additional stress can be caused by an impatient spouse, reproaching his soul mate for the natural processes. This is a very realistic scenario, given the extremely low level of sexuality education in our country.

3. Changes in hormonal levels. During pregnancy, the body was preparing for childbirth, but now it prepares to care for the child and recovers, which is the cause of postpartum emotional lability, in other words, instability.

What are the psychological consequences of childbirth?

There are many options, starting with the “easiest” one – this is nervous tension, overload, followed by rehabilitation, not without love and support from the household.

Feelings of guilt in front of the newborn can also become worse – a young mother may not be confident in her abilities and worry a lot about the care and upbringing of the child.

There are also very serious consequences of childbirth, for example, postpartum depression, which develops against the background of feelings of guilt. A depressive state affects psychomotor reactions, a woman is less able to cope with a child, which only aggravates the situation. In this case, she needs not only the support of her relatives, but also the participation of a specialist psychologist, whose help should definitely not be neglected.

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