What influences the choice of profession?

The future life of a person depends on professional orientation. This is a serious and responsible moment in the life of every student, which requires some preparation. Everyone dreams of a successful job, building their own career. If you want to experience peace of mind and material well-being, then you should take into account many factors, which are divided into external and internal.

Internal factors

Internal factors include the interests, abilities and capabilities of a person. When choosing a profession, it is worth paying special attention to internal factors, since they are exactly able to tell what the student really wants.

Capabilities. This group includes health, physical ability, quick reaction, possession of an ear for music or excellent eyesight and smell. If you have health problems, then you should not choose the profession of a pilot, an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, or a firefighter.

Abilities. It is very easy to reveal one s own abilities, for this there are school subjects. Who knows what school subjects are easier for you, and in which you have no interest at all. When choosing a profession, this must also be taken into account. After all, if you are doing great with biology, then it will be more interesting to study it every day at the university than English.

Interests. Do you have favorite hobbies such as dancing or football. Do not forget to take this into account when you make your choice. Maybe you are the best at repairing equipment, it can be a direct road to professional success.

External factors

The demand for the profession. In fact, this is a very important indicator and should not be forgotten about it either. It is also worth remembering that there are fashionable professions such as blogger, economist, make-up artist, manicurist, etc. The peculiarity of these professions is that they are in demand within a certain period of time, and after that their rating falls. Then fewer clients come, salaries go down, jobs are cut.

The possibility of obtaining a profession. Some professions are taught only in large cities, so you will have to move to get them. Or training for the desired profession is too expensive, and there are very few chances of getting on the budget. Then it s worth considering a fallback. Many applicants consider educational institutions in which a state diploma is issued. This ensures that you will definitely get the desired profession at the educational institution and it will not close.

Wage. Remember that after graduation, you will definitely not receive high wages. You will be taken on a trial period, checked, monitored. To receive high wages, you will need to show initiative in work, improve your qualifications, and show excellent results in your work. And then you will achieve what you want.

Desire of relatives and friends. In order to give you good advice, a person must be well versed in the market for professions. It can be a recruiter, personnel officer, psychologist. As practice shows, many parents, with work experience behind them, try to persuade their child to get the same profession as theirs. Or they think that in the future it is better to work in government structures, as there is stability there. In a word, they want to facilitate your professional path, and in this they can be understood.

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