What is psychological abuse, types and methods of negative impact in the family

The main definition of violence is a physical or psychological impact that is directed at another person or at oneself. It is difficult to predict the results of pressure – there is a risk of provoking serious injuries, mental disorders, malfunctioning of the nervous system, severe mental disorders. One of the main types of violent actions is psychological violence, which threatens with irreversible consequences for a person.

Psychological abuse in brief

According to medical terminology, psychological abuse is pressure exerted on a person without physical impact. For violent actions, the following methods of a moral nature are used:

  • control over behavior. The rapist monitors the interests of the victim, controls the circle of acquaintances, communication;
  • controlling emotions. This method includes different types of manipulations – over experiences, mental anguish, thoughts, and various provocations are used;
  • mind control. When controlling thinking, the victim of psychological violence does not have the ability to make decisions on his own, blindly follows other people s attitudes;
  • control of information. The psychological abuser monitors the data that the victim receives through information sources. Books, press, television and the Internet are controlled.

Psychologists warn that the biggest mistake a victim of violence makes is admitting his guilt in what happened. Prolonged pressure, together with self-hypnosis, will end in sad consequences – a mental disorder, the development of serious problems with the nervous system, and serious illnesses.

Step-by-step solution to the problem

To eliminate the problem, you will have to apply a complex effect on the psyche, consisting of several stages. There is no need to hesitate – the timely help of a psychologist depends on how successfully you can cope with the consequences of psychological violence.

The main stages of eliminating psychological violence in human interaction:

  • the doctor tries to make it clear to the victim of psychological abuse that feelings of anxiety or guilt did not arise on their own, but were imposed by a manipulating person;
  • support is determined – a person who has suffered from psychological violence must understand that he is not alone, he has a strong reliable shoulder next to him, which is necessary in case of mental disorder;
  • minimizing contact with the manipulator.

In especially difficult cases, a hypnotic effect on the psyche is used. Meditation, which at first is recommended to be carried out under the supervision of a physician, will also help to close the mind to negative influence.

If the victim and the manipulator are one person, and the psyche is influenced by self-hypnosis, it is recommended not to hesitate to contact a hypnologist. The doctor will try to determine the main reasons for depression and behavior unusual for a mentally healthy person. The treatment regimen depends on the severity of the mental disorder and requires an individual approach.

Psychological abuse – main types

There are several types of psychological abuse in medicine. The most common is dominant. Verbal aggression and jealous behavior are also distinguished.

In addition to the main categories, psychologists also distinguish a number of species that are not so common. The following situations can negatively affect human consciousness – intimidation, murder or violence against pets, damage to personal belongings.

When asked by a psychologist what types of psychological violence you know, patients usually identify another type of aggression – the impact on the consciousness of close or dear people. Parents most often influence the child s psyche; in marital relations, each other is manipulated. A rare family can boast of the absence of psychological violence, and the psychologist will have to spend years to eliminate its consequences.

Family psychological abuse – the main causes of emotional control

According to psychologists, psychological violence in the family develops against the background of various factors. There is usually only one catalyst, but in serious cases the manipulation occurs in a complex manner, which leads to severe complications and mental illnesses.

Among the causes of psychological violence in the family are:

  • lack of sociability. The patient does not know how to express his intentions or thoughts, as a result of which he begins to break down on close people or interlocutors;
  • serious mental problems. There are many diseases (schizophrenia, narcissism) that cause psychological violence, a person tries to manipulate family members;
  • cowardice. In the presence of this negative quality, a person tries to assert himself, choosing the simplest way – to scoff, control or manipulate other people;
  • unpleasant experience of the past. If one of the spouses has already been in a relationship, he will try to transfer the negative to the person with whom he entered into a new relationship. It often happens that the manipulator is not even aware that he controls the psyche of the current roommate;
  • the inability to be realized in life. If it does not work out to succeed, the manipulator will try to control loved ones, psychologically influence the family.

What is psychological abuse, how does it manifest itself in family relationships? Often, just a few violent actions directed at loved ones are enough for the manipulator to be convinced of his superiority over others. It is almost impossible to eliminate this thought from consciousness without the help of a doctor, although at first it is recommended to talk to the rapist. If the opinion about leadership in the family has not had time to firmly gain a foothold in the mind, the person is able to realize the problem and try to fix it on his own. Otherwise, you should not hesitate to visit a psychologist.

What is psychological abuse, types and methods of negative impact in the family

How to recognize signs of psychological abuse in the family?

By showing observation and analyzing family relationships, it is easy to recognize signs of manipulation. Depending on the form of violence, they manifest themselves differently. The following violent signs should alert you:

  • the spouse begins to monitor phone calls, check the call log or messages, mail. If such monitoring is not terminated in a timely manner, there is a risk that monitoring of the victim s actions will become continuous;
  • the manipulator interferes with communication with relatives, friends, makes it impossible to contact with employees;
  • the spouse does not leave his wife uncontrolled for a minute, constantly monitors the movements, and pretends that he is going about his business without entering into a conversation;
  • the manipulator limits the victim s responsibilities – makes him constantly stay at home, does not allow him to do household chores, household chores;
  • all responsibilities around the house are shifted to the victim of violence – the manipulator avoids performing even the simplest things, changes the style of behavior, rudeness and arrogance appear;
  • mockery appears over the victim s appearance – clothing, hair;
  • contempt for hobbies, hobbies, spiritual state of the victim is shown;
  • the actions and behavior of the victim are criticized, and even serious insults are used;
  • the manipulator turns into a despot – all requests turn into strict instructions and are expressed in a commanding tone;
  • in serious cases, threats are used, the rapist warns that he is capable of causing serious injury or harm to his family (children, parents), or threatens to commit suicide.

Signs of psychological violence against women in the family begin with a simple exaltation of a man, narcissism, and praise of his own merits. At the same time, the spouse begins to taunt his wife and point out flaws. If the attention from the spouse is not enough, the man begins to deliberately flatter, which leads to reciprocal praise from the woman.

If the psychological abuse of the woman in the family is not immediately stopped with the help of a psychologist, the man usually uses oppression in an attempt to induce unpleasant feelings of guilt or anxiety in his wife. They use lies, concealment of the truth, hypocrisy, and concealment of important information.

One should not rush to conclusions – if the signs of violence and negative influence on the psyche are isolated, most often they disappear without a trace. If the emotional impact occurs constantly and does not stop for a long time, it is recommended to seek the help of a doctor.

Stages of development of psychological violence in family life

At the initial stages, the influence on the psyche occurs almost imperceptibly, both for the victim and for the manipulator. The least noticeable signs of psychological violence are in young families, who are under the influence of emotions caused by marriage, the birth of a baby, and the novelty of family life. The end of romance is accompanied by the appearance of mutual reproaches, often arising against the background of a lack of money or negative habits of one of the spouses.

Psychological abuse develops in stages:

  • baseless accusations against the spouse are growing. The manipulator will begin to accuse his victim of wrong actions, expressions, explain that everything is done wrong and out of time. The snowball is growing, and the absence of resistance to such an action will end in a decrease in the partner s self-esteem;
  • active suppression of the partner begins as a person. The accusations will escalate into serious reproaches or statements that negatively affect the victim s psyche. The partner will feel guilty regardless of the right actions. In this case, the manipulator will not be considered the cause of oppression and frailty – the victim will begin to believe that he is to blame for what is happening in the family;
  • the psyche is seriously injured, the victim begins to think that he is really inferior and is not able to make the right decisions, speak out, perform any actions or deeds;
  • the victim s psyche breaks down – the person is not able to control actions, emotions, completely depends on the rapist.

Against the background of the leading psychology of the rapist, the victim begins to have serious mental problems, which, in turn, provoke serious health problems and the development of diseases. A person who has suffered from violence is able to get carried away by alcoholic beverages, drugs that alleviate the general condition and well-being, reduce guilt, and relieve anxiety. Lack of help from a psychologist can be fatal.

Recommended Ways to Prevent Domestic Violence

If you pay attention in a timely manner to attempts at psychological violence, stop its development, avoid emotional impact on the psyche will not be difficult. To change the abuser s behavior, it is recommended to:

  • try to announce in the family about your own “I”, think about the ways of manifestation of personality;
  • with the dominant behavior of the partner, call the manipulator for a frank conversation and directly ask why the spouse is doing this;
  • carefully analyze the actions and statements of the partner, determine whether there is reasoning for such behavior;
  • do not let the situation in the family take its course – it is recommended to control events, regularly talk with the manipulator about the problem;
  • do not forget about the demonstration of personal positive qualities, regularly remind the spouse of their importance.

It is recommended to constantly remind your partner of your own dignity, to indicate that next to him is a person who requires attention, care, communication. Often this is enough for the potential rapist to reconsider the behavior, try to correct mistakes, get rid of megalomania and the desire to dominate the relationship.

It is quite difficult to understand the psychology of violence on your own, but in the initial stages of dominating the partner s emotions, it is easy to prevent more serious problems. You should not expect that you will independently be able to accurately determine the causes of violent actions on the psyche. It is better not to refuse professional help, which will allow not only to identify the factor provoking emotional abuse, but also to prevent repeated attempts to dominate by the partner.

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