What is the right way to rest if you are a workaholic?

Workaholism can also be attributed to psychological addictions such as gambling addiction, overeating, or alcoholism. Working hours, solving difficult issues, meetings, constant rush – all this is addictive to a person. He lives in such a rhythm and does not want to slow down. Rest for such people is a step backwards, which does not allow achieving the desired results.

Working to meet your needs

Our country has gone through many crisis moments. Previously, people worked to survive, there was no question of any “like”. Therefore, people often burned out, did not like their work, and because of this, the quality of work deteriorated. The previous generation worked for the benefit of a common social idea. It is because of this approach that in those days the work was in the first place for many.

Everyone has seen posters of those times, which made it clear that “work is good, and rest is bad.” The cult of workaholism used to save money on employees, so it was possible to violate an employment contract and it was done beautifully.

No energy left to rest

Many people spend a lot of energy on work, which simply does not remain for rest. As a result, most workers spend their weekends lying on the couch with a bottle of alcohol.

Another part of people prefers to finish on weekends what they did not manage during the working week. These can be work reports, calls, written responses, etc. Women are accustomed to leaving household chores for the weekend, and after doing them they feel completely exhausted.

Such rest can be called “stupid”, it is even more tiring at the beginning of the work week, many feel overwhelmed. People who have not rested for a long time would be correctly called “suicides”, since they deliberately spoil their health and no one knows when they will explode. It is better to avoid such people.

I want some movement, but it s not there

Everyone faced such a problem when they did not know what to do after work or on weekends. In many localities there are no places to rest and relax. It is easier for city dwellers with this, they can visit theaters, museums, cinemas, sports clubs, etc. Residents would only be in favor of active, recreational activities, but they, as a rule, simply do not exist.

How to have a good rest?

  • Take the time to do what is really interesting to you. Friends love to chase bowling balls, but you do not like this game, do not torture yourself;
  • Try to make your holiday varied. This weekend you went fishing, so on the next one pay attention to repairing the car;
  • Everyone wants to get a good night s sleep on the day off, but it takes a lot of time, and after that you can feel sluggish all day. Energize yourself with sports or a contrast shower
  • Sign up for the club you are interested in. Let it be horseback riding, dancing or painting. So you will make new acquaintances and have an interesting time;
  • Try not to blame yourself for the good rest. Think of it as a reward for your weekly hard work;
  • If your boss constantly calls you on weekends or ignores vacation requests, quit this job, it will only get worse;
  • Travel, if you have the opportunity to leave the city – take advantage of this. Go to a new place, take a walk, have fun.

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Keren Lewand on Unsplash

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