What to do when there is dissatisfaction with your life?

Everyone strives for comfort and safety. And when he achieves his goal, he feels that he quickly gets tired of the monotony. Then there is a desire to change something in your life. And here fears appear, but what if … It is because of them that it is so difficult to continue moving forward. Someone finds strength in themselves and overcomes them, and someone just sits still and shows their dissatisfaction with life. How can the situation be changed in this case? Is it even possible to do this?

Sources of dissatisfaction with life

Unjustified expectations

This happens when the desired does not match the reality. For example, partners have different outlooks on life. She wants a strong family, and he wants to build his career. Or personal fears that prevent you from acting. Laziness, lack of finance, etc.

A state of scarcity

It manifests itself when a person clearly feels that for complete happiness he lacks a second half, a car or an apartment. But this desire is so far away that after several attempts people give up. And desire does not disappear anywhere and ceases to be a dream. There are people who cannot even realize what exactly they are missing.

Steps to Getting Rid of Life Discontent

If a person wants to improve his life and start moving on, then it is worth asking himself a few questions.

What prevents me from acting?

Most often, many are fenced off from the actions of an inner voice, which constantly says that a person is not smart enough, brave and all his attempts are doomed to failure. To silence your inner voice, you just need to defeat it. How to do it? Everyone chooses their own way of solving, someone ignores it, someone recognizes and voices their fears, works them out.

Whose permission am I waiting for?

Here it is necessary to realize that each person is responsible for his own decisions. To do this, you do not need to wait for the approval of colleagues, friends, relatives. Not satisfied with the job and there is a desire to quit – this is a step forward.

Am I making a commitment?

The ideal life is all about commitment. If a person wants to get the desired results, then it is necessary to be held accountable for their actions. There was dissatisfaction with your marriage, you need to analyze whether you are doing everything in order for it to be happy. Not satisfied with the current earnings, what do you do to increase it? And thus, you can evaluate all areas of life that do not suit you.

What really fascinates me?

In order to be free and develop with pleasure, think about what kindles the fire in you? What makes you happy? What exactly fascinates you? How can this benefit your life? What you love keeps you focused, motivated and productive.


To get started moving forward, answer the questions above. Understand yourself and do not let your inner voice, public opinion stop you. Follow your dreams and achieve your goals.

Self-criticism is good, it allows you to achieve high results. But it shouldn t escalate into self-flagellation. Learn to handle your mistakes correctly. If something went wrong for you instead of “I m a loser,” better realize that you are out of luck. Do not dwell on failures, get on your feet after each fall, then you will achieve your goal.

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