When do you need a psychologist for a teenager and how to choose a competent specialist?

A teenage psychologist is a professional who specializes in teenage problems. Adolescence begins at 12-15 years. This is a difficult period for children and parents, the stage of personality formation. There is an opportunity to talk with adolescents as with adults, but they have to talk about the same thing several times. Parents at this age may lose contact with their children; they are not always able to cope with emerging problems on their own. Psychological assistance to adolescents at this time is a decisive factor in the transition period.

When do you need psychological help for teenagers?

Consulting a good therapist won t hurt everyone. It should not be assumed that they are being approached by people with serious problems. Going to an adolescent psychologist should be seen as useful and positive counseling and convey this position to the child. The visit will help you to look at the problem in a new way, build the right relationships with others, teach you how to overcome difficult situations.

A child at the age of 12-13 years old from obedient and exemplary became rude and impudent in communication. Many parents do not know how to behave and what to do. They feel that their son or daughter has become passive and uninterested. It turns out that this is the age when parents should treat the child as an emerging personality.

During this period it is necessary:

  • build trusting relationships;
  • give an opportunity to make independent decisions;
  • respect the personal space of the teenager;
  • do not patronize strongly, but do not lose control;
  • patience and understanding.

Parents are not always able to solve all the fallen problems. In the current situation, support for adults and children is needed. In times of crisis, you cannot do without the help of a qualified psychologist.

Psychological assistance to children and adolescents is not a secret ferrying out, but a way of providing assistance in a transitional age. If a teenager is noticed:

  1. A state of depression. The child is depressed, irritable, withdrawn.
  2. Rude aggressive behavior, mood swings.
  3. Constant quarrels with parents.
  4. Problems in relations with classmates, complete lack of friends.
  5. Cravings for smoking and alcohol.

In such situations, psychological assistance to adolescents is necessary. Untimely measures can lead to attempted suicide.

The main directions in the work of child and adolescent psychologists

It is always easier to prevent a problem than to solve it later. Preventive measures are considered a priority in the work of a psychologist. One of the principles of preventive measures is timely intervention in problematic issues of a teenager during the period of study.

Support is based on diagnostic work. An important direction in it is considered to be mental and individual development, character formation, the child s inner potential, talent.

Constructive and educational activities are aimed at preventing conflict situations. In institutions, if necessary, psychological discussions are held.

Counseling measures include explanations of the behavior of teachers and students during schooling, everyday life.

Educational measures are activities aimed at the moral education of adolescents, character formation, and the creation of a friendly environment in the team.

Choosing the right adolescent psychologist

A qualified specialist should provide psychological assistance to a teenager. A trained psychologist regularly undergoes refresher courses. He has experience of working with the younger generation, positive reviews. Parents should personally meet with a psychologist, find out methods of working with a child, criteria that indicate a positive result.

By talking to a child for the first time about visiting a psychologist, it is possible to get an acute reaction. Until now, it is believed that they are treated with serious mental problems. Children do not want to discuss personal problems with strangers. Restrained by the fear that parents will find out about the content of the conversation.

An important part of psychotherapy is confidentiality. The effect of psychotherapy is possible when the teenager does not feel fear. Opening up, he is sure that his parents will not know his secrets.

The imposed campaign will not be useful, the teenager will be opposed to conversations in advance. It is better to introduce him to a consultant before starting work. During the meeting, he will find out how consultations on psychotherapy will be held, whether this psychologist is suitable for him. A voluntary choice will be more effective.

Psychological assistance to parents of adolescents

In many cases, parents also need this help. It is not always possible to correctly accept the fact of growing up children. In adolescence, an active search for their place in the world begins. Antics at this age lead to loss of patience in adults and constant scandals. The authority of the parents is lost. Worrying about the guys, fear, a desire to warn against mistakes is a natural reaction. But sometimes conflicts reach the point where the child leaves home.

Parents cannot reject the unpleasant reality, taking the position of an ostrich. In such situations, adults need help first. By joining efforts with a psychologist, it becomes possible to correct the situation.

When do you need a psychologist for a teenager and how to choose a competent specialist?

What is the help of a psychologist to a teenager?

A psychologist for a teenager listens to the child and the parents. Often his conversations are collaborative. Additionally, individual consultations with the child are carried out. Parents receive the necessary advice on how to resolve issues, but the conversation with the teenager remains confidential.

The session lasts an hour, if necessary, the time can be extended. Consulting a teenage psychologist will help you cope with the following difficulties:

  • relationships with peers, loneliness;
  • stressful situations during the preparation and passing of exams;
  • poor school discipline and academic performance;
  • the constant presence of a feeling of fear, anxiety;
  • unacceptable behavior (alcohol and drug addiction), commission of crimes.

Child and adolescent psychologists differ in the way they work. Psychological assistance for adolescents is provided directly by a psychologist for adolescents. He is proficient in various methods for building a trusting relationship with a client. However, a lot depends on the teenager, his desire to let a stranger into his world and listen to his advice.

Psychologist s advice

To make it easier for parents to cope with the transition period, you need to:

  1. Do not spoil the child too much.
  2. Be firm and consistent in your decisions.
  3. Fulfill the promises voiced.
  4. Do not take part in provocations by a teenager.
  5. Do not be offended by the child when he says hurtful words.
  6. Do not read lectures in the presence of strangers, do not make comments.
  7. There are no ideal parents, you need to try to become better.
  8. Be the child s friend and love him, no matter what.

Psychological assistance to children and adolescents can allay the fears of parents, restore relationships in the family, and save the life of a teenager. Teenagers and parents can get free psychological help by contacting the hotline and receive an online consultation. They are not suitable for all situations. It is possible to make an appointment and use the initial consultation to determine further psychological work.

Online chat will provide free psychological assistance to teenagers. Corresponding with a psychologist in real time, it is possible to get psychological support. Around the clock, anonymously and free of charge, call the All-Russian Children s Helpline or other help services. Finding them on the Internet will not be a problem. The main thing is to find out the work schedule and read reviews.

IMPORTANT! Informational article! Before use, you must consult with a specialist.

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