Where does negative thinking come from?

Psychologists attribute the following reasons to the origins of negative thinking:

one. Parental life scenariowhich the child unconsciously accepts. If in childhood the kid constantly heard: “Get off the horizontal bar, otherwise you will crash”, “Do not accelerate on a bicycle, otherwise you will fall”, etc. As a result, the child begins to be wary of this world. Because of this, fears of something new and unknown are formed. The child begins to doubt his abilities and skills.

The rest of the reasons that form a person s negative thinking follow from childhood.

2. Negative past experience… For people prone to negative thinking, no matter when there was a failure in grade 1 or a week ago. They will remember it for a long time and will not try again for anything. For example, if a person is poisoned by mushrooms, then after that he completely refuses to eat them in the future.

3. Avoiding failure… Since people with negative thinking very much doubt their capabilities, they are very afraid to try something new. It s easier for them to give up and stay in their comfort zone.

Signs of people with negative thinking

  • They easily find cons and do not even try to see the pros in a given situation;
  • They always use their negative experiences as arguments;
  • They are afraid of a new one, so it is difficult for them to move to another city, change their job or style of clothing;
  • They are not ready to take responsibility for their lives;
  • They are very anxious, play out the most unpleasant outcomes of situations in their head.

How to overcome negative thinking?

Stop blowing the elephant out of the fly

You should understand that many people fail to do something the first time. It is very rare when they marry the first love of their life. The applicant was hired after the first interview. Or the intern successfully performed the first operation. All people make mistakes, fail. But only those who do not let go of their hands achieve results.

Fill your thoughts with useful information

To get rid of negativity, you need to stop reading garbage, watching false news, and listening to gossip. Be selective about information. Read developmental literature. Watch inspirational and rewarding films.

Learn to take your worries to the point of absurdity

If you start to think negatively again, then try to bring it to the point of absurdity. So that the ending is so funny that you can laugh out of it or even devalue this negativity.

Don t make high expectations

Afraid of disappointment, then you should not be fascinated. Excessive requirements and expectations are not subject to implementation, so you should not waste time planning them. Enjoy what is happening, be flexible, do what you want. And remember that only you are in control of the events of your life. Therefore, a lot depends on you.

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