Why does happiness love silence?

Our emotions, words and actions are immensely powerful; they can both help us and harm us. The happiness of each person depends only on himself, so everyone is independently responsible for his own happiness. Why do many people prefer to hide their successes? Is bragging bad? And how to strengthen the boundaries of your happiness? Let s take a look at these important and exciting questions.

Life plans

You shouldn t talk about your intentions until you have implemented them. Not infrequently, after a person voices his plans, he loses motivation from words to move on to actions. So he has already imagined the desired result, experienced positive emotions, now he has no need to act.

Also, before sharing your plans, make sure that this person is not jealous of you. And after the conversation, he will not begin to “put a spoke in your wheels” in order to somehow plant you.

Own successes

If you have done something great or you have achieved the desired success, do not rush to tell anyone about it. It is better to share this information with those whom you trust, in whom you are sure, with those who can be sincerely happy for you.

Bragging also makes many people jealous. Especially do not brag on the Internet, as the energy of the disaffected can have a detrimental effect on you. Many people tend to think bad things. Therefore, they will find a bunch of negative options for why you helped a person, label them, but at the same time they will not care about what really happened.

Failures that have occurred

Both successes and failures are not worth sharing with everyone. A person can sit and listen to you, say words of support, but inside he can rejoice and rejoice at your failures.

By talking about your own failures, you give more information about yourself. Thus, your hidden envious person can find out about the weaknesses, and use them after.

This article was written so that you think about who is your true friend, who should know all the details of your life, who is not. They channeled their energy in the right direction and did not spray it on evidence and their own defense. Happiness not only loves silence; in addition, one must have wisdom and caution. After all, naivety, openness and self-sacrifice have not yet brought happiness to anyone.

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