Why doesn’t anyone respect me?

Why do some people begin to be respected from just one glance, while others are not put on anything? No matter how the latter try to improve relations, they still do not take them seriously. Where are the reasons for this behavior? Let s try to understand this issue with you.

What behavioral mistakes are made by people who are not respected?

In vain sacrifice

Such people are ready to infringe on their needs to please another person, but he does not notice it. If such a person is offended, then he is not clever for the offender. He seeks to justify his actions, spitting on his feelings. Therefore, you should not be afraid to state your inconveniences and needs.

Low self-esteem

Because of this, people allow too much of others. Raise your voice to them, find fault with something other than business, publicly reprimand. In this case, others are sure that they can do the same with this person. To fix this, it is necessary to suppress the attempts of other people, to show such disrespect.


People with a high level of guilt, they shoulder too much responsibility on their fragile shoulders for everything that happens. They always feel guilty about themselves. Other people quickly notice this and can throw off all their mistakes on this person. In such situations, it is better to direct attention to finding a solution to the problem, rather than looking for the culprit.

The fear of saying no

Let us remind you once again that no one appreciates a voluntary donation. If a person does not take care of himself, no one will do it for him. One must be able to refuse people when it is inconvenient, not interesting, and simply do not want to. This behavior will not allow other people to sit on their necks.

Lack of self-interest

This manifests itself in adjusting to the needs and interests of other people. It is difficult for such people to feel their own desires, they do not know what can please them. From the outside, such people look very pitiful, it seems that they do not know how to make decisions and are helpless.

How to fix it?

First of all, you need to get rid of unpleasant people whom you cannot stand on the spirit. Reduce communication with them or openly show your dislike if there is no way to get rid of them.

If there are people in your environment who have abruptly ceased to respect you, but you want to keep in touch with them. Then talk to them face to face, and try to find out why this happened. Remember that everyone can demand respect for themselves. But in this case yourself, treat other people with respect.

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