Why is it so scary to take a step forward?

Each of us had to choose between stability and development. And then two forces are fighting in us: one is trying to change something, and the other is protecting us from possible problems. And which side will prevail depends only on you!

Development and stability

People are also divided into two types: the first cannot stop and are constantly moving forward, the second see happiness in stability and eventually degrade. Those who strive for development reach many heights, but at the same time experience constant stress and anxiety.

And there are people who are very afraid of change and try to maintain consistency. They have been married for 30 years, despite the fact that the relationship has already become obsolete. They work at the same job, they do not care that there is no advancement on the career ladder and the boss no longer raises the salary. Such people are not inclined to change their habits and live in their own swamp, which does not bring them the desired happiness.

What exactly prevents you from taking a step forward?

  1. The conviction that everything should work out great the first time. Open your own business and have a bunch of clients at once, change your profession and become a professional, get a license and drive a car perfectly. This only happens in cinema, it is not designed for reality. In fact, one cannot do without the first mistakes, and this must be realized.

  2. Own doubts. “I can t handle it”, “It s too cool for me”, “I m not a professional” and these phrases can be listed endlessly. You should not waste energy on your own depreciation, it is better to do something useful and work on yourself.

  3. Dependence on someone else s opinion. Everyone has their own society to whose opinion they react. Someone listens to their parents, who say that he will not succeed. Others listen to friends, teachers, acquaintances who also do not believe in this person. If you want to achieve something in your life, then you need to insert earplugs into your ears and move in a given direction.

  4. Guilt… And if I still don t succeed, how will I look into the eyes, to those who supported me. I let them down, they believed in me, but I did not live up to expectations. This situation needs to be looked at from the other side. I wanted, tried and realized my desire, understood what it consists of and got an unforgettable experience. After that, you need to praise yourself for taking a step forward and overcoming your fears.

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