Working on our hate

Hatred is an extremely strong negative emotion that is felt as a strong rejection and rejection of an object or subject. Despite the power of hatred, it is quite easy to tame it – it is only a relic of ancient times and, apparently, has weakened over the millennia. In this article, you will find a handbook for dealing with hate, use it to deal with this negative emotion.

So you feel hatred for something or someone

  1. Try to determine the cause. The reason is usually determined very easily, it is much more difficult to realize its insignificance. Or that this reason does not exist in principle. Very often, something independent of the subject, such as skin color, gender, race, disability or sexual orientation, can become a reason for hatred. If you realize that you hate a person for being completely independent of him, understanding the entire irrationality of the situation will help you cope with the hatred.

  2. Put yourself in the shoes of the subject of hate. Try to understand his motivation, because every action has a reason. There is a situation when the subject of hatred does not even suspect that they are unhappy with him. He may not be aware of how his behavior affects you. In this case, you should explain to the person that what he is doing makes you feel strong negativity. However, there are people who obviously do unpleasant things because they like it.

  3. Try to forgive. Conventionally, this exercise can work with absolutely irrational negative experiences, for example, with hatred because of appearance, and this step becomes especially effective when it comes to little things. Life is too short to worry about them!

Each of these points is both part of a step-by-step guide and a separate method for dealing with hate and similar feelings. Someone has enough rationalization and search for reasons to cast the negative aside, someone forgives the offender in his head, without even talking to him about this. There are different cases, and until this feeling is almost completely eradicated, one should act according to the situation.

And finally – remember that the choice of how to react to the events around you is always yours.

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