Working with complexes: how to accept and love yourself

Let s start with the fact that everyone has complexes. Yes, even among the brightest and most confident people. There are no secrets here, it s just that someone is actively working on it, while for someone they interfere very much and do not allow them to live in peace. By complexes, we mean the presence of a psychological problem, which is associated with fears, strong feelings and internal inhibitions. How to deal with complexes? Let s figure it out together!

Where do you start?

First of all, you need to determine your starting point, and what we want to achieve. The main concepts at this stage are clarity and clarity. “I don’t want to be complex about the figure anymore” or “I want to be confident in myself” – these are abstract formulations that our unconscious does not perceive. Therefore, it is necessary to concretize the goals, they must be visual, clear and understandable.

These questions will help you focus on a desired situation:

  • When I release my complex, what will I experience, what emotions and sensations in my body?

  • How will I relate to my personality?

  • Will my behavior change? Will I say, do, act differently?

  • How can I support and encourage myself when I fail?

  • What are my qualities and strengths that will help me open up and express myself?

Draw the desired image in your head in which you will feel confident and natural. Feel this image, it should inspire you and evoke positive emotions. You can also describe, draw or fix your image with the help of video, audio. So you can return to it and feed on it if you suddenly begin to doubt your abilities at some point.

Techniques to help you overcome complexes

Success diary

It helps you focus on your strengths in your personality. Record daily successes in it, from the smallest to the largest. The result will definitely please you!

Call yourself who you want to be.

Get rid of such phrases as: “it could only happen to me”, “yes, I m just a loser,” “I m far from this,” etc. These phrases program your brain to fail. Gradually rebuild your consciousness for a positive outcome of events: “I will succeed,” “if I want, I can,” etc.

Use the power of the mirror to your advantage

In ancient times, a mirror was considered a magical object with special mystical properties. How can it help you? You can rehearse your speech, demeanor, walking in front of the mirror. You can even hang on the mirror those positive things that you will now say to yourself, looking into your eyes.

Work on yourself and you will succeed! Well, our technicians will help you. We wish you to achieve the desired success and be pleased with yourself!

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